Friday, 2 October 2009

Zama To Do List

Things I need to make for the Gamesday (not including things that are being done by other people).

18x4 foot table
Command stands; Hannibal, Scipio +2
Paint/Base Remaining 5/7 Allied Legion  (80 minis)
Paint/Base Roman Legion (maybe Nick’ll come to the rescue on this one)  (112 minis)
Paint and base 18 Numidian cavalry
2 elephants
Finish and base 150 Numidians/Carthaginians

Strongly desirable
Finish and base 48 Bruttians
Olive trees

Nice to Haves
9 Carthaginian cavalry
9 Roman cavalry
Elephant & other casualty stands


Andrey said...

Hi Simon
From what figures you plan to generate contingent Bruttians? It will be miniatures «A&A» or «Crusader Miniatures »?


BigRedBat said...

Hi Andrey, I've used a mixture of Crusader Samnites with Aventine Etruscans (the ones with Italo-corinthian and Montefortino helmets). Lots of feathers! Greg is painting them in France.

I'm going to give them a mix of Crusader Scuta with a few Aventine Aspis mixed in, so that I can use some pretty transfers.