Sunday, 11 October 2009

Euglyptus the Fat and Fazzur Wideread

In this Gloranthan HoTT element, Fazzur Wideread,  the veteran Lunar general, is remonstrating with his superior, Euglyptus the Fat, during the Battle of Building Wall.  Due to Euglyptus' incompetance the Lunars went on to be soundly defeated; I rather regret not adding the barrel of eels in which Fazzur subsequently drowned him! 

I am pleased with the Euglyptus conversion, which is from a GW 40K scribe.  Some figures I actually painted myself, for once!  Not something you see every day.


trev said...

Love the Gloranthan stuff Simon. The Dwarf Mine game you chaps did at Salute a few years back was great. I have a nostalgic urge to do a Troll army every now and then. Do you still play? Your armies are done for HOTT aren't they?

Trev @ SSWG

BigRedBat said...

Hi Trev,

We've recently started to play the odd Gloranthan game again. In fact, I have some photos to post- probably tomorrow.

Yes everything is based for HoTT, but I tend to use them with different rules....

Cheers, Simon

trev said...

I'm glad to hear they aren't languishing in a cupboard somewhere. What rules do you use?

Secundus said...

It's great to go back and look at old stuff, these are really excellent minis. You've captured loads of character in these old pieces.

BigRedBat said...

HI Secundus!

Trev, we use an adapted version of the C&C rules we use for ancients, but last week we tried the War of the Rings rules; they were rather fun.

trev said...

Interesting about the LotR rules. I hadn't really considered them. Thanks. T

PS Good luck with the Zama game, I can't wait to see the pics. I love your basing by the way. It's how I would do/redo mine if I was actually motivated enough, or could stick at any single project for more than 10 minutes. :)

Grégory Privat said...

@Secundus : could you contact me via ? I have a few questions you may answer about the foundry Napoleon rules you use.

@BRB : sorry for the disorder.