Thursday, 17 September 2020

Dungeon Level, explored


...since there was so much interest in the hatch, I thought I'd post some images of the new dungeon level at the BigRedBatCave. Above is the larger end of the space, with the old, damp, clinker floor removed. This will, shortly, be covered with a concrete slab.

Here's the area under the hallway, before painting. 

...and after, now coated with a damp-resistant slurry, in a dungeon-friendly battleship grey. I may add some manacles.

Next step is for the concrete slab to go in. In the coming weeks, I plan to get the pipework tucked away and put in some ventilation.

Tuesday, 15 September 2020

New Dungeon Level for the BigRedBatCave


During lock-down, it dawned on me that I have, at last, completely run out of figure storage space, with every corner of the house currently packed with miniatures. Nil desperandum, dear viewer! I've decided to extend the BigRedBatCave by excavating a new "dungeon level". The first step is to install a trap door, which you can see marked out, above.

Above you can see the initial hole cut, exposing the beam, and below the reinforced hatch.

Finally, below, is the finished hatch from above- I just need to remove the labels I used to mark it out.

In a later post, I'll show some photos taken within the new dungeon level, itself, which is currently being excavated by a crack team of dwarven miners.

Tuesday, 1 September 2020

New Medieval Army list eBook released

I've just released all of the TtS! Medieval army lists in a new, free PDF eBook, instead of the previous six separate Excel booklets. The format is much more user friendly than before, with hyperlinks from a contents page that you can use to whizz around them. The Medieval lists are now in green, to distinguish them from their purple Ancient peers. I also took the opportunity to edit the style of the lists and buff the spelling and grammar. I think you will like them! 

You can download them, for free, from here. 

You might also like to download the equivalent Ancient list eBook, if you didn't, last month, and the index which has of all the lists in chronological and alphabetical order. Enjoy!