Thursday 19 October 2023

Regiment Vierzet mustering

This poor-quality WiP photo is of Regiment Vierzet, a Walloon unit from the Liege area that will be part of my 1670's French army. The uniform colour  is "morte feuille" or "dead leaves". The flags are from Not by Appointment blog, and the minis are 1672 Swiss with Warfare officers, painted by Richard O'Connor. I'll take a much better photo when they are fully based. I expect to have enough minis based to play a modest game using modified "For King and Parliament" rules, in the spring.

Friday 13 October 2023

Put Out More Flags


This is a command stand for Regiment Vierzet, a Walloon Regiment from Liege serving in the French army in the 1670s. Lacking information about the 1670's period flag, I've given it later colours from the Seven Years War from Dave at Not by Appointment Blog. Quite often French flag designs stayed the same, so it is plausible. The minis are from the excellent Warfare "officers with attitude" pack, excellently painted by Richard O'Connor. I'll write more about the unit when the other minis are based.

Tuesday 10 October 2023

Back in the Saddle

I've just come back from a late summer holiday and am struggling to get back into the saddle. I've caught up on the orders and am working though my emails, should be on top of them, soon. On Saturday we have a tournament on the day before SELWG and there are a few I's to dot for that, too.

In the evenings I'm doing some c.17th modelling, for a bit of relaxation. Above is a unit of 1672 French Listenois dragoons, painted by Chris Campion and Richard O'Connor. I'm getting them ready for basing, perhaps as soon as tonight. I love the yellow justacorps and blue facings.

Below are some Flags of War standards for the ECW Strathbogie Regiment, and also the Scottish Royal standard. Strathbogie, which chum Redzed is painting, will be on the cover of an FK&P scenario books we intend to publish shortly.