Monday 13 February 2017

We happy few

These happy few represent Henry V and the centre battle at Agincourt, and were all painted by David Imrie (Saxon Dog). Most are Perry plastics but I believe there are also a couple of his "Claymores" in there. I have simply re-based them on a Batbase for 15cm grid. Will these remain a happy few or grow to become a full army? Probably the former, I'd say, as I couldn't match the quality of the paint jobs. Pics are clickable.

Above, there look even better from the back- I love David's work on the surcoats. Below- not too shabby at an angle, either, especially the standard bearer on the left!

Friday 3 February 2017


These are Foundry Casting Room Persians, which were superbly painted for me by Shaun Watson (Redzed). He has really outdone himself!

The range is a partial one but could be combined with the Foundry Persians to tick most of the boxes of a Persian army. Would need a fair bit of conversion work, though. I must confess, I am tempted...

They are amongst the finest minis in my collection and will form three units of Satrapal horse in the coming Ipsus battle at the Wargames Holiday Centre.