Monday 29 August 2011


I was sorting through some old fantasy models recently and came across this; I gave it a quick repaint and will use it in an ancients game, soon, perhaps in a town.  The model on the top is the Salute Hannibal from 2004, and the plinth is scratchbuilt.  Could do with some lettering on it, really, and some distressing.  

I'd really like some roadside tombs, as well.  If anyone can suggest a source for any in resin or metal (aside from the Monolith ones), please drop me a line.

Sunday 28 August 2011

Equites Gallorum

Here are the mounted contingents for my two Gallic auxiliary cohorts, one of which is shown here.   The models are Black Tree.  I like the riders, but the horses are a bit meh; very badly cast, and soft metal.

They were painted for me by Dr. Simon's painter mate.  I then highlighted, stained, varnished and based.  I lavished a lot of Silflor on them; 8 or so different varieties.  I think more variety gives a more naturalistic look.
I am very pleased with the final look.  I think that they will fit in very well with my other EIRs, but they have taken me about half as much time to get on the table, as if I had painted them from scratch.  The same painter has a 24 man Ala of cavalry from me, at the moment, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what he does with them.

Sunday 21 August 2011

Where I went on my Hols

Just come back from a lovely break in a Provencal village, called Gordes.  The view from our villa was lovely, and I include it because it struck me that it looks rather like the terrain I'd like to put together for our Partizan/Asculum game next year.  I'm thinking that most of the terrain will be a flat plain (possibly a painted cloth), covered in fields with some olive orchards and vineyards.  The table will be 5' deep and 20' wide.  Wooded hills, like the one of the right of frame, will rise from the plains.  The trees will mostly be scrub oak, pine and cypress.  If time permits, I'll do some hills as backdrops on the baselines.  Sorry the photo isn't very high definition.

Of course, if anyone has photos of the actual region in Italy, I'd be really interested to see them...

In other news, I'm going to temporarily suspend my Napoleonic efforts in order to finish and base 3 units of Principiate Romans that Dr. Simon's mate has painted for me; they don't need much work and should look very nice when completed.  I also still have some lovely Marian Roman figures from Andres, to base...