Wednesday 31 March 2021

New version of the To the Strongest! Ancient Army List eBook released

I’ve just published an updated versions of the Ancient army lists for To the Strongest! The 280-page PDF includes 152 army lists including 12 new lists. Several of the existing lists have been revised, and a good deal of background information and quite a few additional images have been added.

Each list consist of a spreadsheet describing the army (example above). Most of the lists also include details of how the army fought and a historical background, and sometimes a picture of miniatures, (below). 

The new lists for March are are Kassite and Successor Babylonian Dynasties, Saite Egyptian, Old Babylonian and Old Assyrian, Urartu, Phrygian, Medes, United Monarchy Hebrew, Mannaian, Regnal Hebrew, Neo-Hittite, Aramaean City States and Lycian. 

You can find the army lists here; there's an equivalent medieval eBook.  Should you order the lists you'll receive updates every three months until the end of 2022, with new lists and additional material added each time. The eBook costs £9.99.

Friday 26 March 2021

Marlowe to Maidenhythe FK&P scenario eBook

Today I've loaded up this exciting new scenario eBook, written by Robert Avery, into the BigRedBatShop.

The 66 page Marlowe to Maidenhythe scenario eBook is a digital file designed for the TtS! For King and Parliament English Civil War rules, but useful with other ECW rule systems, too.

It contains twelve free-standing fictional scenarios set around in the counties of Buckinghamshire and Berkshire during and shortly after the English Civil War. They tell the story of a series of clashes between Sir John Boulters (for the King) and Sir Christopher Grey (for Parliament). 

Each scenario contains a background briefing, separate briefings for each of the players, a deployment plan and orders of battle. 

The scenarios can be played individually or in sequence, as a campaign. Most of the characters and many of the units recur throughout the campaign.

You can buy it in BigRedBatshop:

Marlowe to Maidenhythe

Or, if you are in the EU, you can buy it from here:

Marlowe to Maidenhythe