Friday 27 January 2023

New Year, new Phalanx

I've been working, in the background, on a new phalanx for my huge Ipsus game at Salute in April. This will consist of ten units, each 72 men-strong, drawn up in six ranks. Two of the units will be silver shields. Above are most of the new ones. There are roughly another 140 in progress, not shown above. Also not shown are 218 that are already finished and based. These can be seen below- the first two ranks with the angled pikes and roughly six ranks more of the ones behind them with vertical pikes in the further block.

I prepped all the minis and they are returning, painted, from painter chums. I'm fitting pikes and shields (where not already fitted). Next I'll need to do snagging, ink/varnish and assemble. Basing is going to be a bit of a nightmare, because of the sheer scale of the project, but I think it'll look imposing when complete. I should have enough time if I focus on the project.

The new pikemen will give me 4.8 linear metres of six-deep pike phalanx, which will be supported by a couple of metres-worth of six-deep hoplites.

I will need around a dozen players for the big Salute game, which I am confident will see the most pikemen ever deployed on a gaming table. If you are coming to Salute and can spare around 2 hours to play, please email me!