Wednesday 8 August 2018

More long pointy sticks

Here's my latest phalanx, based and ready for action (photo clickable). 

These Wargames Foundry minis were beautifully painted by Shaun McTague and finished by me. The pike heads are painted on to plain pins; nice and blunt. These will form the front rank of my phalanx at T'other Partizan, where I plan to pick up a few more, from the Foundry stand... I also plan to do something I never thought I would- buy a couple of ranks of pikemen with lowered pikes, to go in front of them. Come along and see them and their chums at Partizan on Sunday week!

Tuesday 7 August 2018


Here are the latest additions to my herd (all photos clickable). These lovely Aventine Miniatures Seleucid elephants are protected by seven Wargames Foundry and one Polemarch elephant guard with nifty Relic shields. The elephant armour is stunning; Adam at his best! I think we can legitimately argue "escorted, veteran" status in TtS! ;-)

I'm really pleased with these. Shaun McTague painted all the minis; I merely did a little detailing, shading and based. He did particularly great work on the blankets.

These bring the herd up to 26. I'll be adding a very big native Indian contingent in the autumn. I'll also, eventually, need four to six more Seleucid elephants for when I do Magnesia in 28mm. 

If you'd like to see these two, they will be in a display (not to be missed!) alongside my chum Ian's 15mm Magnesia "To the Strongest" game at T'other Partizan on August 19th. We still have two spots for players in the AM game, and lots in the afternoon game- if you'd like to play, you can email me at the address to the left.

Oh and David Imrie and I are also taking bookings for the "To the Scottest!" TtS! gaming event in Leven, Fife on 22nd/23rd September- again, please drop me a line for details.