Sunday, 25 October 2009

Here's a brief extract from my eldest's cartoon log of the old-school AD&D dungeon adventure I've been running.  The observant may note that the party has swelled in size with the addition of a druid (played by youngest son) and his badger.  The badger has proved a more capable fighter than several of the other party members...  We don't have a badger model; Harry appears to have drawn the giant rat that we use in his place, but tail-less !

This week the party entered a throne room, but decided discretion was the better part of valour when they found that they faced with a fiery-eyed lich, casting fire magics.  A minority of the party wanted to return to reason with the lich... this led to much soiling of pants and a very rapid retreat.

A later encounter with a faerie led to an enjoyable riddling contest, through which the party ultimately won a magic, talking stave.

"Earth born sword I stab the sky, but bow down low for passersby.  So what am I?"

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