Thursday, 8 October 2009

30 Spartans!

Mercenary peltasts

Spartan Cavalry

These are older minis from my collection, which I'm gradually photographing for t'blog. They were painted for me around 3 years ago by Nick Speller, and are the principle support troops for my Spartan army, which I hope to photograph en-masse, soon.

All the minis are Foundry World of the Greeks. Nick did a great job on them!


Doc Phobos said...

Great miniatures once more. For some reason I feel aesthetically drawn the dark red shields. Very simple and very appealing. I might copy this colour whenever I get to paint some Skirmishers.

Grégory Privat said...


BigRedBat said...

They are, indeed, pretty shields! Some of Nick's nicest work (although as discussed on another thread I may dot some irises into the eyes).

I actually used some of the Spartans for the first time in a game on Tuesday. If the photos came out OK, I'll post them soon.

Doc Phobos said...

Cool, looking forward to them.

I wouldn't worry to much about the eyes of people with helmets. These are usually sculpted so low, so that white is all you need.

Consul said...

Great looking figures! Very impressive! I can't wait to begin work on my Macedonians (in about 2 years!)

Consul said...

Hey BRB,

Just wondered what size bases you used for the cavalry? Are they just your regular square bases?


BigRedBat said...

Hi Eddie, all on 60 x 60s!