Sunday, 4 October 2009

Polemarch Thureophoroi

Despite my reservations regarding their relatively high price, I bought a dozen Polemarch Thureouphoroi at Salute, and Nick Speller has painted them beautifully for me. 

I replaced the Polemarch shields with Old Glory shields mailed to me by Allen, because I don't like the shape of the ones supplied with the minis.  Four of the figures in the unit are from the Foundry World of the Greeks range (also by Steve Saleh), which I think blend in extremely well.  The WotGs are numbers 1 4 and 5 from the left in the (clickable) front rank, and number 2 in the rear (below).

This is another unit that almost looks better from behind!  I think the new Polemarch figures are extremely nice...  I'd certainly like lots more.  However, where there are WotG equivalent figures, I'll have to use those because I can buy them so much cheaper on eBay (and because I have perhaps 500 hundred, unpainted!).  I'll be delighted to use the Polemarchs where there aren't, though, for the Successor cavalry, for example. 

Tomorrow I'll post photos of all 4 completed units of Thureophoroi.  All of these will be used as pseudo-Carthaginian militia, at Salute.


Doc Phobos said...

Great work there once more. I am jealous with how swiftly your army progresses! And these are indeed nice models. I'll need to visit their site to see why you don't like the supplied shields.

BigRedBat said...

Hi Doc, thanks! Their shields are a bit rounded and have an elaborate plate on them. I prefer the simpler OG ones.

Doc Phobos said...

I see. Sadly you can't really see them on the GB site. And sadly I doubt, I'll be using Polemarch, as I'll be going classical with my Greeks. Still, beautiful figures.

BigRedBat said...

Hi Doc, there's one here:-

If you are going classical, have you seen the Gorgon Etruscans? Their 1st class would make classy classical Greeks. I've been trying to encourage them to do Pelopponesian war hoplites.

Doc Phobos said...

Oh, I have seen them, but would you say that they'd fit well with Foundry and Crusader sizewise? You did a size comparison somewhere, didn't you? Must look for it.

Keep encouraging them, but also let them know that they should not buy into the myth of the often so called Iphicratean style hoplite.

Allen said...

Glad the shields worked out. Having seen that you're using them on the Numidians as well, I may have to get some more!


BigRedBat said...

Indeed Allen; I just used the last ones up! They have been incredibly useful.

Cheers, Simon