Monday, 5 October 2009

Hellenistic Army Progress

Nick Speller has painted another 32 Thureoporoi for me, which has enabled me to expand my units of Thureophoroi to 24 each. I also show the Galatians here, as they are likely to serve in the same army:-

The Boars (Foundry conversions)

The Bulls (Foundry and Polemarch conversions)

The Macedonians (Crusader)

The Victors (Crusader)

The Ravens (Galatians) (BTD, Foundry, A&A conversions)

What I could do with, now, are a couple of units of Tarentines, some Companions with xyston or maybe javelins and shields, and a whopping great phalanx!


Doc Phobos said...

Oh, your progress is really painful! :) Great stuff once more. I absolutely love the Galatians and the themes you've chosen.

Dear Gods, the Crusaders are really great miniatures. Their rank and file ranges are some of my favorite.

ZeroTwentythree said...

Great figures! Really nice to see them all together.

My only criticism is that some of the eyes look a bit odd. It's the bright whites, with no iris/pupil. I'm more a fan of either going all the way with the detail, or leaving the eyes darker. Just personal preference.

BigRedBat said...

Hi Doc, I personally prefer the Foundry and Polemarchs to the Crusaders. They are slightly larger and I like most of the poses, whereas I don't like all the Crusader poses. Also Crusaders come with lots of tiny vent lines and are harder to prep. The Galatians are my favourites, too, because I painted all of them!

Hi Z23, Nick has painted all the eyes that way, and I've adopted it, too. I am reconsidering it... I think it works well when the white dot is tiny, as it suggests a glint of light off the eye, but gets disturbing when it is larger (it can look a bit zombie!). I may go back and dot some pupils in at a later stage.

Vinnie said...

Love your figures and the armies you are building. I have been working on an army which I can field from Phillip to late Pontic. I'm currently painting a unit of Thorakites from Gripping Beast. Great figures. My webpage is

Cheers Nathan

BigRedBat said...

Hi Nathan, you have some great minis! That Leroy is hot with a brush.

I saw your Scythians for the first time this AM; very nice indeed. I have a box of them to paint... really should get on with them, since the results can clearly be so nice.

I really wish I had a unit (or two) of Thorakitae myself, but I've been watching the pennies and the painting queue. Hopefully next year, after I've painted all the nice elephants that I've been getting from Aventine, Timeline and Empire.

Cheers, Simon