Saturday, 24 October 2009

Masinissa's Numidian horse

These are the second half of my Numidian light horse for Zama; this week I have prepped 21 minis to go with 9 that I bought already part-painted.  Most of the horses are going to be bays, with black lower legs and some sock.  The dead horses at the front are Crusader eBob mounts.  These were spare because I find them a tad too long in the leg compared to most of the Foundry horses I've used, but the slim, bendable legs makes them great casualty figures.  I'm planning to do a basic paint job in acrylics, and them add some arty oil washes over the top.

9 of the minis have been painted or partially painted by Alec at BillyBonesWorkshop.  I really like what he's done with the skin tones, and will try to copy them on the riders I will be painting.

I'm getting tight for time; going to have to move fast with these!  When they are all complete, I'll be able to field 66 Numidian light horse, a good proportion of what we need.

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