Friday, 9 October 2009

A few Spartans more...

Thanks for all the visits yesterday! 

Today I'm posting the balance of my Spartan army.  Together with the Tegeans, cavalry and peltasts (shown in earlier posts), I suppose that I have roughly 200 miniatures, the majority of which are Foundry WotGs, superbly painted by Nick Speller.  All the pictures are clickable.

Phalanx 1

Phalanx 2

Ekdromoi (younger Spartans trained to run out of the phalanx to catch enemy peltasts)

Ekdromoi detail

Allied Hoplites (some painted by Andy Bryant, and some by myself)

So what I need, next, is time enough to paint a similar size Theban (or Athenian) army for them to fight.  Ideally I also need a manufacturer of larger 28mm minis to conveniently produce a range of hoplites in Peloponnesian War helmets, such as Pilos and Thracian, to flesh this hypothetical opposing army out!  Ideally with vertical spears, because the figures in the attacking poses are so hard to rank...
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