Monday, 22 March 2010

Test shots of Figures on Boards

I'veput some figures on the boards to show what I mean about the colour.  Essentially the base colour is a good match, but I'm certainly going to need to get some green vegetation on there!   Unhelpfully, there seems to be a UK-wide shortage of Silflor at the moment.  :-(

Below is a Dead Nellie, who probably tripped up in that drainage ditch!

I'm shortly going to raid Modelzone in search of vegetation ideas.


trev said...

Looking good Simon. You're nearly there.

For vegetation try raiding your garden. That's always been a good source for us in the past. Rose bushes with the thorns broken off or just any old twigs. Also the bristles from old brooms can make good reeds.

BigRedBat said...

Hi Trev, yes may do that... if only the garden grew Silflor...

Hetairoi said...

Looks great Simon!
Maybe you could find some lichens in the garden... :)