Saturday, 27 March 2010

Carthaginian Mounted General (B-20)

This represents the nameless commander of the Carthaginian right wing cavalry at Zama.  The general is a converted Aventine Pyrrhic mahout, and his standard bearer Crusader, with an Aventine standard.  Both horses are Foundry WotGs.  Very ably painted by Nick Speller, and based by yrs. truly.

In most of the playtest games, the horse he commands and their Roman opponents have pretty well wiped each other out.  The general has sometimes survived the slaughter and gone on to help lead the Carthaginian foot.


Caliban said...

Very nice, Simon - I like the way you mix and match, plus some conversion work. It is all coming together.


BigRedBat said...

Thanks Paul; I hope everything is proceeding satisfactorily at your end, too!

Sire Godefroy said...

Poor guy, spent his money on impressive headgear and had nothing spared for shoes, it seems. ;-)
Apart from that, nice conversion and painting.
Looking really forward to when all comes together in the big battle.


Phil Hendry said...

Another good choice of figures and composition!


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Missed this one,very nice conversion and painting.


BigRedBat said...

Thanks Christopher!

Keith said...


Nice arrangement and I do like the use of the Aventine Hellene as a Carthos general. Are there some Crusader figures that you feel match up better than others with the Aventines? (e.g., Spanish, Numidians, etc.)


BigRedBat said...

Hi Keith,

I generally find the Crusaders smaller than the Aventines, but it depends a bit from range to range. For example, the Spanish/Cartho figures are a fairly good match sizewise with Aventine; but the Crusader Oscans seemed rather smaller. Aventines tend to have bigger helmets and feet, and are a bit more solidly built.

I find the Aventines go particularly well with the bigger Saleh/Copplestone Foundry ranges.

Cheers, Simon