Monday, 8 March 2010

Board 7 of 9

My increasing gaps in posting have been caused by the need to break the back of the Zama terrain, which is proving to be very time-consuming.  I'm trying to get all the Zama boards textured and base coloured before I go on to the next stage, highlighting.

Here's an iffy pic of board 7.  You can see gaps I've left for the teddy bear fur fields; these will be trimmed, coloured and added later on.  The base colour doesn't show up well; the boards are a dark chocolate brown.

I've designed the tracks so that the boards can be combined to make either a 4' by 18' table surface, or a 6' or 8' by 8', so hopefully they will be useful for a variety of other projects in the future.

I still need to find a way to indicate the apexes of the hexes; I'm thinking that I may use pins, pressed into the styrofoam.  These could be removed if I recide to use the boards for something different and non-hex based, later on.


Caliban said...

Looking really good Simon, I think I can see where you're going with these. For the hex points, how's about some bushes stuck to the marker pins to help conceal them? Nothing too substantial, just enough to mark the points without looking anything like full terrain pieces.

It's a big job.


BigRedBat said...

Thanks Paul! Terrain makers plough a lonely furrow. Actually, I've been plowing lots of lonely furrows!

The marker pins need to be a bit visible so that we can see them! ;-) After the game, I might want to hide the pins with grass if I decide to use a non hex-based system. Or just pull them out.

Cheers, Simon

Anonymous said...

Your Ploughing is to your credit Simon and I can relate oh so well to all your creative hard work.
Keep the faith fellow terrain maker.
Cheers Paul

BigRedBat said...

Thanks Paul! I bet you've knocked up a few board in your time...