Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Hellenistic Bodyguard Cavalry


This is a unit of  cavalry that I've just refurbed (it is clickable).  They were originally painted as Thessalians for an Alexandrian Imperial army (see photo below).  I bought them, mostly completed, from Andy Bryant; finished the painting, then based them in rhomboids.  But I was never happy with the basing, and also realised that Alexander released most of his Thessalians when he issued purple cloaks to his cavalry, so they would be rather limited in their use.


Sooo, I've issued them with shields and crests for their helmets, and now they will be the bodyguard for various later successor generals.  They will see a lot more action, that way, as I'll be doing Hellenistic armies after Salute!  They will also substitute for Carthaginian cavalry at Zama (I have no shame!).  Later I shall paint 6 more to make two full units.  The LBMS transfers worked very nicely...


jmilesr said...

fabulous figures - I really like how the colors all work together. Your Zama game is sounding like a real Epic.

I'm thinking very hard about moving some investment projects around so I can be in the UK for Salute - it sounds like a great show

BigRedBat said...

Hi; Salute is always a blast! The preparations are exhausting, though. If you come over, do say hi!

Secundus said...

very nice indeed.

Giles said...

Those are fantastic. Lovely work!

Best wishes


Sire Godefroy said...

Very good. Can't go wrong with some armoured bodyguards in fancy clothes.


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Nice looking unit.


ArmChairGeneral said...

They are very well painted and the colors work well!

BigRedBat said...

I was chuffed to find that some of the LBMS transfers matched the violet of the cloaks.

After Salute (golly how often I say that!) I want to do a unit of xystophoroi with similar cloak colours and thracian-type helmets, with crests.

Consul said...

Nice looking unit!

I intend to do a post at some stage showing my research into Macedonian capes and clothing. Not many troop types wore purple capes!

Thessalians wore mostly blue with a white stripe and companions wore a sort of buff/yellow cape with a purple strip (i think, I can't quite remember this one).

'xystophoroi' i'm guessing they look a bit like prodromoi, with the long lances. A and A do a great model for this but would need some conversion work.

BigRedBat said...

Purple would make them very much the followers of a wealthy King! Teh purple strip you mention sounds like when Alexander issued valuable purple cloth from the former Persian stocks.

The Xystophoroi are very much like companions, but perhaps with some later gear. Mine will have tall crested helmets.

Consul, you should watch out for "Armies and Enemies of the Macedonian and Punic Wars"; it is invaluable, I must have looked in it several hundred times.

Consul said...

The horsemen closest to the king such as the kings personal companions would have mostly purple with a yellow strip, standard companions would have a mostly yellow cloak with a purple strip and Thessalian cavalry have a blueish purple with white stripe but this can be much bluer in some cases but historical sources are sketchy at best for this.

As you said, Xystophoroi have crested helmets and tended to wear leg armour and a bronze cuirass, much like companions. On reflection, they're nothing like their Paeonian counterparts! Except for may be their weapon.

I'll keep an eye out for the book.


Phil B said...

Love 'em. Colour actually works well.

I assume those are shield transfers! They look great.

Nice work fella!

BigRedBat said...

Have you been reading Secunda, Consul? I always take my Secunda with a generous pinch of salt. ;-)

Thanks Phil! All LBMS transfers.

Consul said...

Colour references come from McBride's drawings inspired by the Alexander Sarcophagus and I do happen to have Sekunda's book ;)

It's good enough for me!

It's a shame we weren't around 2000 years ago, then we would know fo' sho!


RTB said...

Onwards and upwards to infinity and beyond!

Or even to Zama......

Caliban said...

Good stuff, Simon, and you've sparked off an interesting discussion about colours as well. To keep my sanity in between Romans, I'm refurbishing an old second hand unit of (I think) Naismith 25mm Companions that were badly worked first time around. It just so happens that I repainted the cloaks as yellowish with a broad blue stripe, kind of similar to Consul's description. So I'm relieved; I may have got them right purely by chance. It's a shame that I have already fixed up my old Thessalians; otherwise I'd follow your lead and add shields - yours look great. Very dynamic and dangerous.

Cheers to everybody

BigRedBat said...

Hi Paul, been following your progress, too! We are having a bit of a race to get our Romans done in time.