Friday, 26 March 2010

Scipio Africanus! (B-21)

Here's the first of four Command stands, painted by Nick Speller and based by me.  Scipio is the overall Roman commander, and an excellent tactician, who hammered the final nail into the coffin of Carthage at Zama.

Most of the figures are the excellent new Aventines, but the mounted General is a Crusader miniature. 

Scipio will sit on the Roman Baseline.  He's not going to get into any combats, in our game.

As here, I usually inscribe a name on the rear of the command stand. 

Only 3 more weeks to finish everything up!


Anonymous said...

He looks the business Simon and I feel sure his Legions will follow him into the valley of death, or is that another war?
Cheers Paul

BigRedBat said...

His legions have marched to their doom in most of the play-tests, Paul! Cheers, Simon

jmilesr said...

He looks great and ready to triumph yet again. I do hope your making plans to a photographer during the game or maybe even a video - it looks like it's going to be a fabulous experience at Salute

Phil Hendry said...

Dusty but bright - good choice of colours. I really like your basing and the composition too. In other words: great!


BigRedBat said...

Thanks Phil; much appreciated! They are lovely Minis, and Nick did a great job on them.