Sunday, 21 March 2010

Flocking hell...

I started the flocking stage yesterday hoping that it would be a quick job, but one test board later (and that far from completion), it is clearly not going to be the case.  Below is the test board before flocking:-

and after...

The flock disguises the dark brown edges where the base board paint had soaked into the fur, and makes the field edges appear less regular.  I 've also been applying it on top of the fur which makes it seem more natural.  What I haven't done, yet, is to apply flock around the drainage ditches. I intend this vegetation to be greener, to inject just a little colour onto the brown-grey boards.

I'm estimating 3 hours per board, now, to complete flocking.   This should use up all my spare time before I start work.


Grégory Privat said...

the nasty question :

As like 50% of the miniatures on the table will have been based by you, why didnt you used the same color for the board as for your miniatures' bases ?

Or maybe it's the same color and due to the picture ?

BigRedBat said...

Hi Greg, I used almost exactly the same colours (although from very much bigger pots!), it should go well with the bases. The dark is like a Raw Umber/graveyard earth.

I've not put figures on there yet, must do that today. I hope they will match.

In the photos the boards look greyer than they do, to me, in the room. But others (Jean Ian) have said they look grey.

phf said...

They do look gray! Almost like cement. Which areas did you flock?

(Did you post the right pictures?)

BigRedBat said...

It is a brown, but a greyish brown.

I was just looking at some of my miniatures on it, and they go pretty well (although they have much more flock on them than I'll ever have on these!). My bases are slightly, but not appreciably, browner than the boards.

phf, the lower picture has the flock, mostly around the field edges. There will eventually be more flock, and some green flock.