Thursday, 18 February 2010

Viva Espana!

I received an unexpected package in the post from Nick Speller today, containing the Spanish cavalrymen for my Numidian General's bodyguard.  He's done a fine job on these, as ever!   The minis are Companion, Foundry and Crusader, mounted on whatever horses I could find; a couple of the Aventine horses mixed in very nicely.  I added rosettes, medallions and fringes to some of the horses, for a Spanish flavour.  Ole!

I'll base them over the next week, and post a proper picture when they are done.  They may well become my nicest cavalry unit.


RTB said...

Muy buen.

Hola amigo, que pasa?

BigRedBat said...

Hola RTB! That exhausts my Spanish. Things are going well.

Consul said...

my Span Cav have those funny rosettes and fringes but i had no idea what they were!

BigRedBat said...

It does make them very distinctive. I added the rosettes to these horses, to look like the ones in hte Osprey.

I wish I had some more Companion or Foundry cavalry; does anyone out there have any to swap?

Doc Smith said...

BRB - you should put the bite on Secundas - the old Iron Mitten has several times his own bodyweight in spare lead - check his Alexander & Companions box of bits out!

BTW - muy bien cavalos muchachos amigo!


BigRedBat said...

Hi Doc, thanks! I must have getting on for 1000 unpainted Foundry Greeks and Macedonians in my own lead mountain; it's always the figures one doesn't have, one wants! In this case the Companion Spanish... mostly since they went OOP.