Friday, 26 February 2010

On the Painting Table

In the brief intervials between slapping gunk on boards, I've been trying to base some of the last units I'm contributing  to the game.  Below are some Spanish cavalry painted by Nick Speller, that need matt varnishing and basing.


And below here are some Foundry Thessalians painted by myself and Andy Bryant, that I'm in the process of converting to shielded Hellenistic cavalry.   They will stand in, on the day, as Carthaginian heavies.



Consul said...

LOVE the Thessalians. I hope mine look this good when they're done!

I've been presented with a 2000 pt WAB Macedonian army list by Jeff Jonas which I'll use as a framework for my Macedonians and I'm rather relieved to see I have most of the figures already!

All the best,

BigRedBat said...

Hi Consulo,

My Thessalians will be somewhat changed... shields and crests on the helmets. Then I'll be able to use them as later Hellenistic cavalry, that can fight my Polybian or Marian Romans.

DeanM said...

Those Foundry figures are timelessly elegant.

The spears for the Spanish appear to have solder at the hands - or something that is bulbous. Interesting. Dean

BigRedBat said...

Hi Dean, the Foundry's are, indeed, lovely models! I was slightly disappointed that the new Polemarchs didn't look like they were going to be quite as nice, but I gather they are in the process of fixing all the horses and the seating of the riders. The new Gorgon horses look even better than the old Foundrys.

The bulbous hand on the Spaniard is epoxy; Nick fixes spears on very securely. I'd rather not have the epoxy lump, but on the other hand I've never lost a spear from a mini he's painted...

ZeroTwentythree said...

Until recently I was a "bulb of epoxy" guy as well. I used to try hiding it a bit by painting the spear color only as wide (and in line with) the rest of the spear. To the sides I would paint the "bulb" the color of the darkest shading of the flesh to try to give the illusion of depth.

I'm also a hater of losing weapons off figures. ;)