Sunday, 14 February 2010


The time has finally come to grit my teeth and start decorating the 8 terrain board we need for Zama, so today, I started work on a test board.  This is one of the 9 mdf/styrene boards I fashioned back in November.

Above is the board with patches of tebby bear fur PVA'd to it.

Above, my youngest son has trimmed the fur "fields" with electric haircutting shears.  This was pretty quick to do.  The "wolf" fur on the right makes a pretty good crop; the shorter, paler fur at the back, will make useful long grass.  I've also roughly scribed some "tracks" into the board.

I intend the overall look of the boards to be a dry, dusty autumn look, with mostly harvested fields, some ploughed fields and scattered olive trees.  However, none of the terrain will have any impact, whatsoever, on the battle.


Consul said...

That my friend is a work of art. Brings back memories of my Product Design A level days.

Can't wait to see what the tracks look like. One day I shall make my own gaming board. One day...

Phil B said...

Did you say that is one of nine boards? How big will the final gaming area be - and which aircraft hangar are you keeping it in?!

This is going to be project of the year - no doubt. I am really looking forward to this coming together.

BigRedBat said...

Hi Phil, plan is 4.8m wide, 1.2m deep. The boards are only 20mm thick, so stacked they don't take up much space. It should look great with all the minis on, though!