Thursday, 4 February 2010

Not my Romans!

I'll have nothing to show for a few days, so I thought I'd show some pictures from one of the collaborators on the Zama Project.  These are all Aventine minis being painted by Craig Davey, who has given me permission to post these photos.  He is clearly an exceptional painter!  He's almost finished his Allied legion, and has a second Roman legion to go...

Allied Legion Hastati and Principes


Allied Legion Triarii

Allied Legion Cavalry

 Command Stand

Velites Work in Progress

I'm very much looking forward to meeting Craig, and also Keith and Adam from Aventine, shortly before the Bletchley game in April.


Jehan said...

Very impressive ! I'm pressed to see pictures of the full project !

Keir said...

I'm wondering if I understand the Aventine release schedule properly. As far as I can tell, and this is strictly speaking, the only Repo Romans they have released to date are a couple of packs of velites, no?

I realize they have allied Roman haststi, but are these allies of Roma equipped and fighting as hastati or Roman allies of the Etruscans equipped and fighting as hastati? And, in any event, are we to see a forthcoming range of Repo Roman hastati, triari, velites, commanders etc. (I reaslize the velites have been started)?

Confused say.


BigRedBat said...

Thanks Jehan!

Hi Keir, the Aventine Romans are just coming out now; first the velites you've seen (which are also used with the Italian allies), triarii in a few days time and the hastati/principes over the next four weeks or so. They will also be doing command and casualty figures and hopefully character figures such as lictors.

After that I gather we'll see some Pyrrhics!

Phil B said...

Nice - I will be mostly copying some of these for my own Romans. Good stuff!

Der Tsstler said...

they look really cool ! A whole army of them is like xxx for wargamers... :)

Sire Godefroy said...

Those Romans are quite seductive, the more as I'm already proud owner of some Pyrrhic troops. Gets me thinking about this old 'Italian Job' campaign stored somewhere on my hard drive.
Would be nice to see your and your companions' progress.


BigRedBat said...

Hi SG,

Don't worry there will be plenty more pics to follow.

BTW I just saw the First Aventine Triarii; lovely.

Galpy said...

They do look amazing,and i hope to see more of the finished project one day. you might want to come over for a visit one day, i'm just a newby on the blog block.
Cheers Kent.