Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Not my Spanish!

These figures are part of a Spanish contingent painted by Nick Speller for our Zama game.  He's also painting a good proportion of the veterans.  Nick's a top chap who paints a lot of minis for me. 

Spanish foot
Celtiberian Foot

Spanish Cavalry

Spanish light cavalry

Nick has painted Masinissa's bodyguard for me; I'm very much looking forward to seeing them!


Broeders said...

I'm going to use some of those shield designs as inspiration for my scutarii.

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Nice shields on the Spanish infantry.

BigRedBat said...

He's done well, hasn't he? He seems to have mostly painted them, but used transfers, too, for some of the detail bits.

I want a Spanish army of my own, someday. Companion; where art thou?

Consul said...

I love your 'not my...' series.

I wonder what other photos you can post up of things that aren't yours...

I've just posted up a pic of my Spanish cavalry at http://modelromanarmy.blogspot.com/

Shameless plug ;)

But I have lots of Spanish troops from my original idea to incorporate them into my Roman army but they're currently forgotten about at the back of my cupboard :(

BigRedBat said...

Hi Consul,

Spanish within a Roman army is a great concept. There are all the Pompeian armies that Caesar trounced, and also the armies of Sertorius.

I have some great "not my" figures to post a little later!

EinarOlafson said...

Great painting!! Foundry/Companion Spanish are fantastic miniatures to use for a full Ancient Spanish Army.

I have one in unpainted 15mm :S.

BigRedBat said...
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