Monday, 13 July 2009

Wot I have been doing...

Alarmingly little painting, thats what! The end of the school term has led to a rash of parents evenings and social events that have cut my painting to a slow crawl. This week I've managed a little more work on the Tegeans, and I've rebased some spare fantasy miniatures for AD&D. I hope to finish basing the Tegeans by Friday so that I can start the Zama project!

On the AD&D front, we had a third very enjoyable dungeon delve last Saturday. At one stage, the entire party was staring death in the face; however the wizard managed to rescue them with his one (only moderately) useful spell "Dancing Lights". They are nearing the tail end of Hommlet and I'm toying with literally dusting off an old dungeon of my own, that I think they might enjoy...


The Dale Wardens said...


I have found my old hardcover AD+D books and a plethora of modules.

A friend of mine has 3 children 11, 10, and 8 and mentioned several weeks ago that his oldest two were getting interested in RPGs. Between him and your posts, I am going to pull out some character sheets and run a game for them.

The kids know how to play the Magic Gathering card game so I don't think D+D is going to be too hard on them. It should be fun!

Thanks for the idea,

Minnesota, USA

BigLee said...

Parenthood plays havoc with gaming and painting. I've got two kids (4 & 13) so i'm in a similar position to you, meetings and social evenings left and right. Hang in there mate, the holidays are coming!

BigRedBat said...

Thanks guys. It really is surprising how much enthusiasm they have for AD&D. Looking back at the 1970s modules, they aren't terribly well written, and visually the game doesn't have a patch on World of Warcraft etc, yet they do seem to be hooked! I think they are enjoying the team and role playing elements.

Dave, my 11 year old is picking it up nicely.

Final parent's evening, tonight!:-)