Saturday, 25 July 2009

Onwards with Aventines

I'm going to post occasional updates on the progress of my Aventine Etruscans. This (unfortunately slightly blurry) image shows progress after the 6th painting session. The first 4 were on flesh tones, the fifth tidied up edges with black and painted steel/iron, and the sixth sorted out the bronze. I guess I've spent about 12 hours in total on them, so far.

The minis are a pleasure to paint. There is quite a lot of detail, but it is in good relief. They remind me somewhat of the Saleh WotGs, which suits me nicely. I think it's going to take me the best part of 3 weeks to finish and base them (but hopefully the more simply equipped Hastati and Velites will be faster to paint).


crowmag99 said...

very nice! what recipe do you use for your bronze ? one color with a wash or do you build up?
thanks steve

BigRedBat said...

Hi Steve, I'm currently using a base layer mix of TinBitz and Vellejo Bronze, and then two highlights, with the top layer being pure Vallejo Bronze. I intend to use a sparing further highlight of mixed silver and bronze, just trying to catch the rims and more reflective parts.

I may put a light thin ink wash over it at the end... They are going to be shiny minis!