Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Aventine; Day 10

Four days since my last post and I feel have suffered for my art. It took me no less than 3 evenings (7-8 hours!) to paint the leather edging on the lammellar armour and the bands that hold the greaves in place! With the advantage of hindsight I may have been a bit anal about it, but I want this unit to be splendid.

On the other hand, last night I managed to block in the linen pteurges relatively quickly, and they are starting to look like painted minis at last. Tonight it's the red tunics, and after that it is just the shields and snagging. I have splashed out on the LBMS shield designs for these minis; morover, I have even bought the white battle-worn transfers; paying for white shield covers, utter madness!

I've also ordered most of the rest of the Italian Legion (32 Hastati, 32 Principes), and enough cavalry to finish a squadron. I couldn't resist buying a couple of units worth of the Volscians, including the splendid command pack. This is not going to help with my New Years Resolutions...


crowmag99 said...

very nice minis-enjoy watching your progress...need advice re. basing of my NKE...would you use sparse vegetation with mainly lighter colored sand?? and how sparse thanks as you are the basing nazi thought u could help

BigRedBat said...

Hi Steve,

I looked into adopting a lighter sand-coloured basing system for my Numidians. I decided not to go with it, because:-

a) They wouldn't match the elements from other armies, for instance the Spanish and Roman allies, that I use with this army. I thought it would look better if all the bases in the army matchedmatched.

b) I think a lot of the time, when there was fighting, it may have taken place in the more fertile, better irrigated areas (that were worth fighting over!).

So... I went with the same colour as my other armies, but lightened it just a bit; I also used less static grass and fewer clumps.

I think the autumn/winter two colour Silflor clumps look great if you want some dried out vegetation.

Cheers, Simon

legatus hedlius said...

Worth the effort; they are looking completely splendid!

BigRedBat said...

Cheers Legatus. HAve you started to Zama, yet?