Monday, 6 July 2009

Resolutions; Six Month Review!

Inspired by Greg Privat, and by the "Year of Frugal Gaming" site, back at the end of last December I set myself some resolutions.

As von Molkte once said, "No battle plan survives contact with the enemy", and my resolutions have largely failed to survive contact with 2009. Reviewing them in turn:-

1. Finish the Pictish minis I promised myself I'd finish by the end of December, by the end of January. I managed to finish these by the end of February; a minor tactical defeat.
2. 2009 is declared "Year of the Early Imperial Roman Auxiliary" I've painted/based 48; less than half of what I want, but at least I am "over the top".
3. ...except that I also have to finish the Celtic army Which isn't exactly finished, but has got somewhat larger...
4. Develop a set of rules with Ian that enable me to use my 24-man units I've done some work on this, and although they are very very far from being finished I am contemplating a test game, perhaps as early as tomorrow
5. Run a Roman Campaign Abject defeat here; without the right set of rules, I've not been tempted to start one.
6. Buy less minis than I paint I was doing very well with this, but couldn't resist a couple of Foundry armies on eBay and currently have 130 more unpainted minis more than I had last year. However, in a normal year I'd probably be 500 up! So I'm conducting a fighting retreat. Mind you I have just bought another 24 on eBay, whilst writing this post. :-(
7. Collection must be cash-neutral in 2009 This is my most serious reverse; I'm afraid I've spent £920 so far this year on miniatures (although the trend is decreasing).
8. Take more photos! Now this one I have done! :-)

So... I'm sticking with the same resolutions; I'll replace 1. above with "Organise a big SOA Zama game for 2010", and 7. with "Don't spend more than £1K".


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