Sunday, 19 July 2009

Does anyone recognise these Drow?

I think they are Ral Partha, but I can't find them in a catalogue or online. I really like the minis and want to buy a few more... especially if I can find some with crossbows. If anyone has a code that would be fantastic.

My (temporary) diversion into fantasy has continued; the kids completed the Village of Hommlet after an epic final encounter, and now have buckets of treasure burning holes in their moneybags. Next, I'm toying with running a multi-level dungeon I wrote around '85. With 24 years perspective, it doesn't look bad at all; needs a little work, and I'd need to buy/paint a few more minis.

I must confess to having squandered the better part of 2 weeks refurbing/rebasing my D&D figures. Tonight I shall get back to Ancients!


BigRedBat said...

Helpful posters on TMP let me know these are indeed RP sculpts by Tom Meier, but also that I will struggle to find the (rather collectable) other Drow minis the similar-scaled RP AD&D range.

Hank Edley said...

3-stage Drow Elf? If I recall correctly.

BigRedBat said...

Hi Hank, I think you are right. They are nice little minis. I'm keen to pick up some other drow with less armour and xbows, sometime.