Sunday, 26 July 2009

Palace of Tyresias

On Friday last, my boys + friends AD&D adventuring party stumbled back in time to 1984 and discovered my multilevel-dungeon.

This is a scanned and retouched image from the 1984 frontspiece. Whilst there are elements of "Tyresias" that I'm not entirely happy with (the Kobolds of the Golden parrot, for example!), much of it seems to have borne the passage of time really well and I'm refurbing (and even extending!) the place.

I wonder whether anyone else out there is writing for AD&D?


Evernevermore said...

Kobolds of the Golden Parrot? Im intrigued

Right now AD&D seems to be getting the least love as people either follow Pathfinder(and other 3.x derivatives), fiddle with 4e or dig out D&D.

Im strongly considering digging out AD&D or a close facsimile as I recently dusted off some of my Dark Sun material after a friend at my gaming group mentioned wanting to play in a non-Tolkien game world.

BigRedBat said...

Hi Evernevermore,

There was a definite Python theme going on, with an LG Cleric having converted a tribe of Kobolds to the path of righteousness, and even a Kobold Paladin. They were invariably terminated with extreme predjudice by even "good" adventuring parties.

They are still in there, but I've scratched the paladin, the parrot and make them converts to LN Saint Cuthbert, instead.

I'd look at other versions of D&D, but I don't want to rewrite all the material, and in any case the kids don't know any better. They are going to have a shock when THEY get to Uni and find things have moved on 25 years!

Evernevermore said...

Eh - dont be so sure they'll be shocked. I tried liking 4e, I even ran a campaign in it - but its not for me. You might have enlightened children too hehe.

I was wondering if it had a Python tie in. Kobolds have always been my favorite for the "misunderstood monster", that and the fact that if you go with thier trap making skill you can savage a party pretty much regardless of level - good for reminding players that they can get complacent.

BigRedBat said...

They didn't have any traps, but worked in small units with a tightly packed shield wall and volleys of darts; some had molotovs. However I think some traps would add spice... and maybe I'll work out some way for the Kobolds to get around and hit the party from the rear.