Saturday, 28 February 2009

Galatian Progress

A quick update on my regiment of naturist Galatians; flesh tones completed, I'm starting to work through the cloaks, spearshafts and hair colours. They are moving along at a fair pace (by my standards at least!).


Secundus said...

I love units like this to paint. Even though in my period Celts were putting their clothes on, I always include loads of nudes in my warbands (much to the annoyance of my puritian friend).
However I do it for two very good reasons, the first being I have thousands of them and the second is they are great to paint. No tricky fabrics or textiles just flesh. I use the trick of hiding them within the crowd so they bulk out the base with out bringing attention to themselves. They help me a lot in bashing out units. If you look carefully at my celts you might spot a few.

Where's wally?....I mean where's willy more like.

BigRedBat said...

Hi Secundus, these are my first nekkid minis; I've not included any in my celtic army for similar reasons to your puritan mate, but would if I was doing an early-celtic army, which I'd originally intended to use these minis for.

I'll look for yours in your pics...