Wednesday, 4 February 2009

EIR Eastern Archer Cohort

This is my cohort of Eastern archers. I planned them years ago, and only finished them recently... a happy mix of Foundry and BTD figures.

Here's the Centurion (Crusader) in a closeup. To celebrate the Eastern connection, I gave him an LBMS shield depicting Mithras.

I have lots more figures to base; I'm waiting for a warmer, snow free day to get on with the varnishing!


Matt said...

They look splendid. The open order works so well!

Good stuff.


BigRedBat said...

Cheers, Matt!

Secundus said...

I love these, a really nice touch with Mithras as well. I took the risk in the snow and varnished my Cavaliers. I think I just got away with it, my problem is I just can't wait.

I have only just found out the dangers of doing so by reading a 'Flames of war' painting leaflet.

BigRedBat said...

Very bold, Sucundus! It is a bugger if it rains (or snows) on wet varnish! Start-again, time.

I have, however, been known to prime figures black, in the garden, at night.