Sunday, 1 February 2009

Confessions of a Basing Nazi Part 3

The next step is to paint the bases. I use a pot of paint I mix up from cheap tubes of acrylic- lots of Raw Umber, and some tan colour and a little Buff Titanium. I roughly drybrush this over the brown of the base, and then drybrush successive coats with the mix diluted with more Buff Titanium until I achieve a fairly light colour.

Here we have a comparison shot that shows that the base colour is much lighter than when I started (bottom left base). The bottom right base is one of the templates from earlier, that I've used to check that the colour is roughly correct.

After this I seal with Testors Lacquer, into which I mix a tiny bit of brown oil paint, which helps tie the colours of the base together, seal it against water damage, and above all make it very matt.

So here is my discovery of the month; Silflor tufts. These come ready made and one can quickly stick them into place. They will replace the tufts you can see on the archers (below) which I laboriously cut and trim from hair, dyed green, and which can take a whole evening to do for a couple of units.

The archers above have been "dressed" with some Silflor, static grass, a twig and some of the hair tufts (which still need to be trimmed).

Finally, here are the BTD legionaries, which I am really pleased with, because they will bring a little variety to my Saleh EIR army. I've replaced all the legionaries' shields with Foundry shields. I'm especially pleased with the Optio who is lightly converted from a Praetorian...
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