Friday, 27 February 2009

Celtic Reinforcements!

Attracted by reports of plunder, two more celtic tribes have migrated into Northern Italy.

I have decided to imaginatevely name them "Warband 9" and "Warband 10". They differ from their Warband 1-8 relatives in 3 ways; they are more widely spaced on the bases (20mm frontage rather than 15mm), they have smaller shields and are mostly armed with javelins. This is because I intend to use them as "Auxilia" in C&C terms, rather than Warband per se; they are faster moving, happier in bad terrain, but lack the deadly charge of their fiercer neighbours. I hope to eventually have 4 units of these.

These were more than ably painted by my mate Nick S, who did a very fine job on the plaid and shields. I based; you may notice I'm starting to use the Silflor tufts alongside the clumps I make, myself.
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