Monday, 6 December 2021

Régiment Pfyffer WIP

Here's my fifth 1672 infantry battalion, the Swiss Pfyffer regiment in French service. I love this regiment's jaunty yellow tunics! I picked up some mostly-painted minis for this unit on eBay, painted some more myself and the remaining minis were painted by Richard O'Connor. 

They are on bases but not yet grouted (I find it best to mount the flags before grouting, and the flags that chum Ian is making aren't quite ready yet).

I really like the North Star Swiss minis- they have bags of character. Most of my infantry units will have the same basic structure as this one, which has six pike, two sergeants, 16 musketeers and four officers. They are in three ranks on three of my FK&P6 bases so around 19cm wide. I'll take proper photos when they are finished.


Ray Rousell said...

A brilliant looking unit Simon!

Friends Of General Haig said...

They look fabulous - a very jaunty coat colour indeed 👍. It is a great range of figures.

rross said...

A lovely cross over period, with "modern" looking musketeers accompanied by pikemen still wearing helmets etc that look like an earlier era. The paint work is wonderful too.