Thursday, 12 January 2017

Panzer Army Africa 48 BCE

In 48 BCE after the Pompeian defeat at Pharsalus, Caesar's erstwhile lieutenant Titus Labienus led his surviving German (and Gallic) veterans to Africa to join the Pompeian cause. They fought at Ruspina in 46 BCE, and later at Thapsus. I'll be using them in the former battle in the WHC at the end of March; I might do a second regiment if time permits.

It seems to me that these veterans of the Gallic War must have become somewhat regularised during their long period of employment in Roman service so I have given them the odd bit of Roman gear and some almost-matching German shield designs from LBMS. The minis are Foundry Germans with conversions, by various painters including me. The bases are my latest Bat Bases- AN END TO THE HEGEMONY OF SQUARE BASES!  ;-)

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