Tuesday, 17 January 2017


I am jubilant because these command minis are just about the last required minis for my Numidian army. Here is Juba I, King of Numidia and his bodyguard of Spanish mercenaries. Juba's Numidia was a strong kingdom, but no match for Caesar. Photos are clickable.

I'm really pleased with Juba- I converted him from a Foundry German! The miniatures are Foundry, Companion and A&A miniatures. All of these minis were painted by Nick Speller with some additional detailing by me. The bases are my usual Batbases.

I now just have the bases on the medium infantry to paint and the flocking of most of the army- around three weeks work, I reckon. These are intended for the Ruspina game at the end of March.

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