Friday, 27 January 2017

Cantabrian circle

Are you old enough to remember the Cantabrian circle rule in WRG 5th Edition? It must have made a big impression on me, 'cos most of my light cavalry seem to be getting based that way. These light cavalry are circling to throw their javelins. These Greeks will mainly serve with my Athenians but their first outing will be in the big Ipsus game in Basingstoke, when they will proxy Tarentines.

They are are on a pair of my 19cm magnetic bases that fit together to make one large base, and will constitute what I am calling a "combined" light unit, which I'll be publishing a new rule about soon.

I am pleased to report (from my tracking spreadsheet) that I am 66.4% of the way through basing the extra 836 minis I need for the games; slightly ahead of schedule!

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