Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Eastern horsemen

With the bulk of the new Numidians on bases, I'm now turning to the East. Above are four units of Parthians, three of Persians, two Tarentines and a couple  of units of Spanish. Most of the minis were painted by Shaun McTague except for the Spanish who are from Nick Speller.

The Parthians (above and below, with Persians on the right in each photo) are a mix of Aventines and A&A. A lot are mounted on spare Riders of Rohan horses that I had lying around. The Aventines are really splendid and I will need a whole lot more of them in due course.

Above are the Spanish and some Carthaginians for the Metaurus game and some Tarentines for Ipsus. Very useful troops for the Successor Wars, Tarentines, Below are Medes (Casting Room miniatutres from Foundry) and more Aventine Tarentines.

These 120-odd cavalry are the bulk of the remaining basing for the big games at the end of March and I'm very happy indeed to see them on MDF! All the bases are my 19cm BatBases- if you look carefully you can see where the magnets are glued in. Now, where's me grout?

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