Sunday, 8 January 2017

Elephant reconditioning

I spent a happy couple of hours this week reconditioning and extending my Numidian elephant herd. 

I have added two Agema elephants on the left (still awaiting mahouts). I had a hand in the design of these, and they are, consequently, the most accurate forest elephants of the various types shown. I still need to flock and tuft the bases to match the Savannah steppe mat on which they will be fighting. They are on Batbases of my own design. Better photos to follow when they are finished.

The battle they are intended for at the Wargames Holiday Centre Ancient weekend will be Ruspina 46 BCE, This was one of Caesar's closest shaves; a most unusual engagement which pitted a couple of Roman legions against an absolute horde of Numidian light horse and, later, a mass of formed troops. It is little known but has long been a favourite of mine because of its asymmetric nature.

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