Tuesday, 22 September 2009

King Agis

I'm currently retouching and basing Numidians and Thureophoroi, and won't have anything to show for a few days.  So I've decided to show a few more command stands, this time from my Greek and Spartan armies.

This is King Agis, who commanded the Spartans at Mantinea (418BC).  At this time Agis, who had earlier blotted his copybook, was under the supervision of ten advisors, called xymbouloi, whose consent was required for whatever military action he wished to take.  Whether Agis was incompetent, or whether the council were slow to make decisions isn't clear, but a gap opened in the centre of the Spartan line and they almost lost the battle.

Nick Speller painted these for me; I've only depicted three of the ten advisors.
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