Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Hasty Hastati 6 - Mostly there!

These chaps are getting seriously close to completion!  I'm 11 sessions in and 3 more should finish them, including basing.  This is rather faster than the Triarii and should enable me to finish one legion by Salute.

In other news... Greg has kindly offered to paint some more miniatures, Hannibal's Bruttian veterans from Southern Italy.  These are going to be a mix of Aventine and Crusader miniatures.  Also, I've identified the materials for the base boards and will get on with them once I've finished my dissertation.


Caliban said...

Hi Simon, coming along nicely. I believe a compatriot of yours has just posted an update on the Ancients Gallery discussion board of The Miniatures Page.

Incidentally, what's the dissertation? Real life does get in the way, it has to be said...

Paul (on lunch break)

Allan (AJ) Wright said...

I'd love to be able to do a slow careful paint job that looks half as good as your 'hasty' painting. These are beautiful.

Consul said...

Looking great! I can't wait to see a shot of a couple of the units all formed up together!

legatus hedlius said...

I've just noticed your tiny colour chart on the Centurion's base!

BigRedBat said...

Hi Caliban, yes Spotter is a fellow traveller! We are both painting matching Allied legions; I hope we'll do matching Romans later if time permits.

Dissertation is for an HR MSc, on Business networking products. I've been a full-time student this year.

Hi Legatus, that's no colour chart; that is how I track how many evenings of my life I've squandered on these chaps! :-)

Thanks Consul and Allan. I'm estimating they'll be finished by close of play Sunday, unless the weather stops me varnishing.

Cheers, Simon