Sunday, 6 September 2009

BigRedBat's Littlest Invention

I thought I'd share my sole contribution to human knowledge with the readers of TMP and the WAB Forum!

Have you ever experienced problems getting your LBMS transfers to stretch over curved shields? Do you sometimes suffer from air bubbles and creases? If so, what you need is the hi-tech, patented BigRedBat transfer applicator!

Alongside the partially painted shields, you can see a small lump of bluetac, covered with clingfilm. After completing all the stages in the LBMS instructions for applying the transfer*, simply press the shield into the lump and hold it there for 10 seconds or so. The bluetac takes on the shape of the shield, and forces the transfer into contact with it, stretching the transfer to fit the shield. It's particularly useful with curved shields, such as hoplons, and has eliminated the creases on my shields. The clingfilm prevents the shield from sticking.

Available from all good stockists of bluetac!

*I'd strongly recommend the suggested step of varnishing the shield before applying the transfer- it makes for a much better contact.


legatus hedlius said...

Fantastic! What a useful post!

BigRedBat said...

Thanks! I just hate it when I can see the edges of transfers on my modles, because they aren't lying flat.

EinarOlafson said...

I will try with my shields.

Thank you.

Galpy said...

Thanks for the tip Simon i will be giving that a go