Friday, 18 September 2009

My favourite troop type....

... are Thureophoroi.  I don't know why this it, I just love them to bits!

My good mate Nick Speller has just sent me 32 beautifully painted Thureophoroi, which will enable me to expand my existing 4 units of 16, to 4 of 24 ( )

I thought people might like to see them before they are based, as they are from 3 different manufacturers and are a useful comparison of sizes.  The first four are conversions from Foundry peltasts.   The rest of the first and second lines are the new(ish) Polemarch figures, and the lower two rows are Crusader miniatures.  Most of the shields are Old Glory from a grognard mate in California, but a few are Essex with cast-on javelins.

My favourites are (very narrowly) the Foundry minis; there is something intangible about them that sets them apart, for me, even though the Polemarchs are more appropriate figures. The Crusaders I find just a little on the short size, and I'm not a fan of their crouching poses; nonetheless they are nice enough.

These minis will be in the big Zama game standing in as Carthaginian militia, alongside a similar number of proper Carthaginian minis. I hope to base these in 3 or 4 nights, then I'll get started on Greg's Numidians.
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