Thursday, 24 September 2009

King Agesilaus

Wikipedia describes of Agesilaus II, (Greek Ἀγησίλαος) (444 BC – 360 BC) as a king of Sparta, of the Eurypontid dynasty, who ruled from approximately 400 BC to 360 BC.  During most of this time he was, in Plutarch's words, "as good as thought commander and king of all Greece," and was for the whole of it greatly identified with his country's deeds and fortunes.  Agesilaus conducted an interesting campaign in Persia, which presaged Alexander's later conquest, and was concurrent with Epaminondas of Thebes. 

Today's Spartan, like yesterday's Alcibiades, was also excellently painted by Dave Woodward.  The advisor is a Black Tree Spartan, very ably painted by Nick Speller.
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