Sunday, 27 September 2009

Dungeon Crawl

Yesterday we played a further installment of my D&D campaign, and my eldest boy kept a rough narrative of the events, in cartoon form.  Above, Cassander the cleric leads Derck the thief, Paxmanicus the mage, brave Sir Titus and Dorian Fingertoes the other thief back towards the Palace of Tyresius.

The party's expert thieves scale a tall tree in order to reach the top of the battlements; and fall.  Some might say that two thieves in a party of five... is two too many.

Encountering a barred door, and seeing an eye peering through a spyhole, Dorian carries out some "keyhole surgery", with a skewer.  This initiated an orgy of violence as the party stormed into what turned out to be a Kobold stronghold, through a defensive barrage of darts and crossbow bolts.

Sir Titus (above) spent most of the afternoon trapped in a net, surrounded by a pack of Kobolds who fortunately experienced considerable difficulty piercing his magic platemail armour with their clubs and spears.  In the end, he had to be cut loose by the halfling!  Once he was freed, the party made swift work of the survivng enemy.

The party successfully ethnically cleansed this area of the former palace.  Unbeknownst to the heroes, who had blithely ignored the religious symbols scrawled on the doors to their section of the dungeon, the Kobolds had long before been converted to the lawful worship of St Cuthbert by a saintly Dwarven priest.  Above, a kobold warrior bids farewell to his family and marches off to his doom.

The party (above) were very (briefly) troubled by the realisation that they had sacked a Lawful Neutral temple, and slaughtered both priest and congregation.  There was some discussion about whether it would be safe to donate the holy books to the Temple of St Cuthbert in Hommlet; "We found them in a sacked temple."  And whether they'd get much money for them.

Later, during the night, a red apparition of a hag materialised and chased Sir Titus hither and thither around the room.  Sir Titus, who had decided (after due consideration) to spurn her advances, was saved by a barrage of holy water phials.

This week we had only four players, which seemed to help; the adventure rolled along very swiftly.  Hopefully we'll play again next week.
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