Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Thorakitai and t'other Partizan

This (clickable)  photo is of the latest unit to join my Hellenistic forces- a phalanx of early thorakitai. These are the armoured equivalents of thureophoroi, wearing a mixture of linen and bronze cuirasses (which were later replaces with mail as it became more common). The shield designs are based on Ptolemaic grave paintings. In To the Strongest! they are represented as spearmen, deep, veteran.

These boys will represent the Greek Mercenaries on the Seleucid right, tough fighters who defeated the Ptolemaic agema and peltastoi guards (who had, admittedly, already been trampled by their own elephants). Most of the minis are Foundry hoplites and hypaspists with replacement thureos shields. Some were painted by Shaun McTague and others are drawn from the boxes of "reserves" in my loft.

I'll be running my "too big for Salute" Raphia game at t'other Partizan in Newark on Sunday 21st August. With over 1600 minis, and with improved terrain, the extended game will be even bigger and better than the version played at the Wargames Holiday Centre, shown below. If you would like to play, please drop me a line and I'll book you in for a game. I'll also be in town the night before if anyone fancies a beer and a curry!

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