Friday, 10 June 2016

Chitin dryin' in the sun

Here's another WIP shot of some of the fantasy minis I've been working on this week, with their matt varnish currently drying in the sun. The Scorpionmen are the first Gloranthan minis I've painted in a decade.

There's still a deal of flocking to do. For the scorpionmen, I am conflicted about base colours- I wanted to base them in a desert environment, but then the bases won't match Ian's Praxian minis, or indeed any of my other minis.  Ho hum. The werewolves will have their own portable Birnam Wood; they will be able to fight in the shade.

This week I've been working on the draft of V2 of the ancient rules which I'll use as the basis of the fantasy rules I will be writing. I've been giving some thought to magic systems and expect to have a very rough version ready for the game on Sunday at Broadside.

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